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Camp 914, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Cherokee County, Georgia

Who We Are

On the night of April 17, 1990, Garry Puckett, Rick Garner, Ken Sumner, and Pat Cates met at Tippens Elementary School in Canton, Georgia, to charter a Cherokee County Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Garry Puckett, who had organized the first meeting of the Camp, was elected Commander.  Pat Cates was elected Adjutant.  One of the first projects was the donation of subscriptions of the Confederate Veteran to the Canton and Woodstock libraries.

The Cherokee Legion has remained active since its chartering.  Members of the Cherokee Legion have consistently attended the annual Georgia Division Conventions and the International Conventions . In December, 1990, members of the Cherokee Legion, along with compatriots from the St. Clair County Camp 308 dedicated the headstone for Private Wesley Puckett, great-great-grandfather of Garry Puckett. Maxine Turner, author of Confederate Gray has been a featured speaker at a Cherokee Legion meeting. 

Members of the group are active re-enactors and, along with other members of the Camp, have participated in Confederate Memorial Day services at local cemeteries. The Cherokee Legion has sponsored programs at Cherokee County libraries.  Virgil White's Index to Georgia Civil War Confederate Pension Files, and the microfilm from the compiled service records of the Cherokee Legion, have been donated to the R.T. Jones library in Canton.  Subscriptions to the Confederate Veteran magazine have also been donated to county libraries.

The Cherokee Legion continues to make contributions towards the preservation of Southern Heritage.  Members have participated in reenactments and living history events while others conduct research and then publish their findings in local and national publications.  Members have traveled to distant battlefields and have marked graves of their relatives.  Persons interested in becoming a member are encouraged to contact the Camp at recruitscv914 (at) for further information.


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